Frequently Asked Questions About Sharp Audio

Q. My unit is showing “3-Disc Changer” in the display and I am unable to clear it off.
A. This would indicate that the unit is in the Demonstration mode. To remove it, press the “Demo” button located on the front of the unit.

Q. My Mini-Component system is showing military time and resetting the clock does not change it.
A. You will need to reset the “Time Display” mode to either “AM12:00” or “AM 0:00”. Please see “To Switch the Time Display Mode” located in the “Setting the Clock” section of your operational manual. If the display mode does not change, please call us at 1-800-BE-SHARP.

Q. Why does my CD player skip when playing CD’s?
A. It may mean that the lens inside the unit is dirty. We recommend using a dry CD lens cleaner to clean the unit. If you still experience a problem, please call us at 1-800-BE-SHARP.

Q. Why is my unit not recording from the CD to tape?
A. Verify that the tape is in the correct tape compartment for recording. Usually, it is Tape 2. Please see “Recording from the built-in CD player” located in the “Recording” section of your operational manual for more information.

Q. My rack system is showing “M’ERR” when I am trying to play CD’s.
A. This usually indicates that the shipping screws have not been removed from the unit. There are 4 screws. 2 are located in the back of the unit and 2 are on the side. See “Preparation for Use” in your operator manual.

Q. The tuning up and down buttons on my remote control do not work.
A. These buttons will only work if you have already preset the stations into the unit’s memory. Please see “Preset Tuning” located in the “Tuner Operation” section of your instruction manual.

Q. There is no stereo sound when I have my television or VCR connected to the stereo.
A. In order to hear the stereo broadcast from your television through your stereo, you need to make sure that the television is equipped with Audio Outputs. Most televisions have Audio Inputs but not Outputs. If your television has Audio Outputs, simply connect an audio/video cable from the Audio Output of the television to the Audio Input on your stereo. If your television does not have Audio Outputs, you can then use your VCR’s Audio Outputs to connect into the stereo. You would do this using an audio/video cable. In either case, the stereo must be in the Auxiliary mode to hear the program through the stereo. See “Using External Units” in your operator manual. If you are still experiencing a problem, please call us at 1-800-BE-SHARP.

Q. I am not getting any AM stations on my unit.
A. Check to see if the AM Loop antenna that comes supplied with the stereo has been attached.

Q. Why does my unit show “ERR” in the display when I attempt to play a CD?
A. We recommend cleaning the lens on the unit first with a dry CD lens cleaner. If you still experience a problem, please take the unit to a Sharp authorized servicer for an evaluation. For a listing of Sharp authorized servicers in your area, visit the customer service section of this website and select Service Locator.

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