Frequently Asked Questions About Sharp Televisions

Q. Why am I getting a black square in the center of my television screen?
A. The Closed Caption function is set in the “text” mode. To remove it, access Closed Caption in the menu and change the Mode setting from “text” to “off”.

Q. On some channels I am getting another language or sometimes no sound at all.
A. That would indicate that the MTS mode on your unit is set to “SAP” mode. We suggest setting the MTS mode to either “Stereo” or “Mono”. For further instruction, please see “Audio Adjust” or “Multichannel TV Sound (MTS)” in your operator manual.

Q. Why do numbers and letters intermittently appear in the top left corner of my screen?
A. You will probably notice that most often with commercials. The Closed Caption option on the television is set to the wrong DATA channel. It is something that you can quickly correct by accessing Closed Caption on your menu and then changing the DATA channel from the one indicated to the other. (It will either be CH1 or CH2)

Q. When I turn off my television, there is a white flash on the screen. Is this normal?
A. Yes, this is normal. That is the picture tube flashing off.

Q. There is a delay in the picture when I am changing channels. Is this normal?
A. No, this is not normal. This would indicate that your television is set to the wrong cable mode. Check with your Local Cable Company for the type of cable you have. It should be either Standard (Normal), HRC, or IRC. For more information, please see the Channel Set Up in your manual.

Q. My “View-timer” was engaged and I can’t seem to turn it off.
A. We suggest pressing the View Time button on your remote control, then after releasing, press and hold the Channel Up and Down buttons on the television itself to disable it.

Q. Why don’t I get “Surround” sound when I hook my television to my stereo receiver?
A. Not all Sharp model televisions have the required audio output jacks to connect it to a stereo. We suggest consulting the specifications for your model to see if it has them. If you happen to have a unit that does not have them, you can still get Surround sound by going through the audio outputs jacks on your VCR.

Q. Why does my television turn off when I power off my cable box?
A. Check and see if the A/C power cord for your unit is plugged into the back of the cable box. If it is, when you turn off your cable box, it’s just like unplugging your television. We suggest re-plugging your unit into its own wall socket.

Q. Can I connect headphones to my television using the audio input jack on the unit?
A. We do not recommend it. That connector is used to send signals into your television. We suggest connecting headphones to a headphone jack, if your model has one.

Q. There is a green spot on my picture tube and the adjustments through the menu do not help.
A. This usually indicates that your television is receiving magnetic interference. This happens if you have speakers too close to the television. We suggest keeping all electronics components away from your television, a minimum of 8-10 inches.

Q. When changing channels on my television, it shows a minus, and it doesn’t change the channels.
A. To change the channels on your television, you must use two digits. So when changing channels from a two digit station to a single digit station, you must use a “0” first.

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